We put a lot of love into the events and shoots that we plan; being recognized for our work is a special bonus. Our events have been photographed and written about in a number of media outlets. Below are a few of our highlights.


Inxviii Events Co created, Co-directed and Co- produced this shoot.

"This styled shoot was inspired by the concept of a modern South Asian bride who seeks luxury in every detail but wishes to veer away from traditional bright colors and extravagant decor. By pairing art deco glamour with minimalist accents, tropical flora, and South Asian fashion, this creative team created a refreshing and modern wedding setup that we can’t get enough of!" - Wedluxe Magazine



Inxviii Events created the concept and organized this shoot as creative director from start to finish. 

"Whether you are looking for a traditional celebration or you are craving something a little more modern, this wedding style shoot has you covered. ” Midsummer’s Dream” is a melange of mirrored details, soft florals, chandeliers and trees. The vision of a bride who loves luxury in the subtle details and wants the grandeur of it all with a touch of whimsy. The beautiful bride is outfitted in a traditional Indian lehenga in red and a blush colour to celebrate her cultural heritage." Elegant Wedding Magazine



Inxviii Events Co-Created, Co-directed and Co- Produced this shoot. 

"Inspired by old world charm of regal luxury combined with plush velvet accents, “Velour Opulence” refines the rustic trend. From fresh greenery to gold accents, the rustic colour palette is uplifted by modern textures and luxurious details." Todays Bride Magazine



Inxviii Events Produced and Co created and directed this shoot. 

This was published in print in Promo fashion magazine New York. The "Eastern Confluence" concept was a meeting of south Asian fashion and with Toronto street style.